Wide Bay IT Support

As part of the complete service offering through Widebay IT, our support team is available to maximise uptime with your investment.

Wide Bay IT is an industry leader in customer support.  Our emphasis is on maximising uptime so you get the most productivity from your investment.  Be it online, over the phone or on-site, our comprehensive range of support services enable issues to be resolved as soon as possible.


Our technicians are trained to the highest standards and are on a continuous journey of service excellence, backed by our dedicated and skill full administration team. When you partner with Wide Bay IT you are not only getting support from our teams but by our partners team, who are world leading vendors in their respective fields. Fuji Xerox Australia, Panasonic, Mitel & Leading Edge Computers.


We are ‘Trusted for Service’ and genuinely believe in our abilities to deliver leading solutions.  To do this, we are continually developing new support skills and capabilities. No matter what your request may be, our support processes and highly skilled team allow us to provide world class service tailored to your requirements.

If you need to speak to support directly
Hervey Bay