Widebay IT has been connecting businesses to voice for over 25 years so we understand that telecommunications requirements differ between organisations.  We work with you and your teams to understand how you communicate with customers, suppliers & staff then design a solution that delivers an unparalleled outcome, that grows with you.  All of our solutions are tailored to the individual requirements of our customers and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

We do this while keeping in mind that great solutions are only great if they're kept simple, scalable and easy to deploy.  We place a sharp focus on ensuring that migrations are simple.  As part of that, we have an in house structured cabling team who is industry certified.  This ensures we take ownership of each aspect of the telco solution from design to implementation.

As part of our service of being a complete end-to-end business technology provider, Widebay IT are also a recognised NBN service provider.  This means when you choose us for all your business communication needs, we can guarantee there will be no waiting for hours on hold to speak to someone in a foreign call centre.  With Widebay IT as your business partner, you are speaking to a local person each time and will have access to in house technicians and support.

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Managed Telecommunication Solutions

Change the way you communicate with customers & within your business

Our Telecommunications Solutions

We offer a range of communication and telephony network services both reliable and innovative, with complete transparency and control over costs and usage.  Our Managed Telecommunication Solutions allow us to offer our clients with innovative ways of doing business.

Telecommunications technology is advancing at an exponential rate and can be a complex project that if not done correctly can result in missed calls from customers, poor line quality, call diverting within your office not working as you need it, just to name a few.  That’s why Widebay IT works with you to understand how you need to connect with your teams and customers to deliver the communications solution that delivers your business  a consistent, seamless communications system across complex technology environments.  We integrate communication platforms & technologies, from traditional on-premise systems to hosted IP and complete unified communication systems, into one solution. Our solutions remove the distinction between fixed & mobile networks which allows you to collaborate with staff and customers alike in a fast & seamless manner.  


We understand that new technology should never replace your existing hardware where it isn't necessary.  We can work with you on certain aspects of your existing telephony infrastructure or help you with a complete overhaul.  By improving your business communications, you drive collaboration and allow your business to move faster in the right direction, leaving your competition behind.

Driving Collaboration

At Widebay IT, our focus in on providing the best solution for your needs and when done correctly, you drive collaboration.  Collaboration encourages your business to be more streamlined, flexible and efficient.  By increasing efficiency and collaboration, the lines of communication between your employees and your customers are shortened, bringing a business closer to its customers.

Our business is all about your business and our telecommunication services are about enabling your employees to work together more efficiently. We guarantee that when you choose Widebay IT as your business telecommunications partner, whether for upgrading certain aspects of your current communication system or to make the transition to a Unified communications system, our solution will be tailored to push collaboration, increase efficiency and productivity within your business.

Unified Business Technology

Unified Business Technology (U.B.T) is NQBE's answer to the ever-changing telecommunications industry, the move away from the traditional PBX infrastructure and the push towards hosted IP and unified business communications.  Developed in house and hosted by our own cloud service, Widebay IT's Unified business technology service was created with the simple idea of leveraging innovative and emerging technology to enable businesses to better themselves through an increase of productivity and efficiency, ultimately resulting in an increase of profitability. 

Our U.B.T is a hosted telephony system, available as-a-service on a monthly subscription basis, providing you with a flexible phone solution for a fraction of the cost. It is delivered across our own intelligent Network, Ne.Connect, which allows you to utilise a fully featured communication suite, without installing expensive, on-premise, PBX equipment.

With the U.B.T, we are pushing for "One platform, One Team"

One platform, One Team
Tailored to meet communication needs

Telephony solutions enable your business to connect the right people with the right information at the right time.  Our range of handsets and conferencing devices deliver high-definition (HD) voice, and content within a simple and intuitive user interface.


- One phone number across multiple devices.

- Move calls seamlessly between devices

- Reduce on-site management through web based interface.

Full range of easy-to-use conferencing capabilities

U.B.T. includes software and high-definition audio video devices delivering collaborative conferencing to your team.


- Single platform for all communications.

- Multi party conferencing

- A range of devices suitable for all uses, from individual to large meeting rooms.


Wide Bay IT Managed

  • ​Grow with your business.

  • Talk from anywhere.

  • Connected anywhere.


  • Bound to the office.

  • Difficult to scale up & down as your business demands.

  • Delayed communications.


Wide Bay IT Managed

  • Zero upfront costs.

  • Pay for what your business needs.

  • Reduced operational costs.


  • Upfront capital costs for hardware.

  • Pay for maximum capacity upfront.

  • High resources cost.

Control & Efficiency

Wide Bay IT Managed​

  • Hassle free implementation.

  • Controlled change management.

  • Easily upgraded.


  • Complex installation.

  • Disjointed implementation.

  • Restricted growth.

How much could your business save on telco costs?

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NE Connect

Powered by Ne.Connect

Ne.Connect is many things, but ultimately, what are we here to achieve? It’s actually rather simple yet has powerful and long lasting effects, Ne.Connect is a brand developed by Wide Bay IT to enable businesses to leverage technology to better themselves, leverage technology to increase productivity, efficiency which all leads to increased profitability.  We are currently experiencing another golden age of technology that if implemented correctly allows businesses of any size to compete not only against larger corporations but to stand head and shoulders above them and drive outcomes that never before thought to be achievable.