Widebay IT's very own cloud technology, developed in house

NE Connect has been providing ICT services to a diverse commercial client base consisting of Local Government, Accounting, Manufacturing, Industrial, Mining, Non-Profit, Finance, Transport, Construction and Professional Service Organisations.


NE Connect with Widebay IT is a complete ICT service providing clients with networking products and services based on the specific requirements of their business. NE Connect’s dedication and expertise has contributed to the success of their clients and the growth of the company.

Our Mission

NE Connect's mission is to provide total solutions that improve our clients' productivity through the application and management of computer technologies and business processes. 


We believe that ICT should be managed with a clear path to upgrade obsolete onsite servers for cost effective support is unrestricted for your organisation.  This proactive approach ensures problems are rectified when they occur.

Our Vision

NE Connect & Widebay IT are an industry leader for value-added, specialised IT solutions deployed through a proven single point of contact. Our highly skilled and motivated employees provide value to our clients through dedication and hard work.

Our Approach

We truly believe that a support operation succeeds because of the people delivering the services. This means caring about what we do and providing trusted service. In addition, we enable our clients to successful with proven processes and reliable technologies.