Managed ICT Solutions

Digital Transformation is fast and everywhere.
Who manages your ICT to keep you on top?

With the pace at which the technology industry changes, it makes sense to be using a Managed ICT service provider.  Widebay IT provides corporate and innovative technology solutions that address all IT related challenges facing businesses.  Our Managed ICT solution is a comprehensive service package, that begins from the first consultation with your business all the way through to design, implementation and ongoing support and management.  Our managed ICT support contributes to the increase of our clients productivity, reduced downtime, reduced ICT related expenses and assists in achieving operational excellence.  Our team of local technical specialists work with our customers to develop a managed ICT solution to keep their business in the future.

As a Microsoft partner, Widebay IT ensures that all our ICT technicians and consultants are all fully trained and Microsoft certified.  This is to guarantee that the service and support we are offering is prompt, accurate and professional.  We believe that service and support should be available first and foremost to ensure no issues arise and as such our technicians are proactive and will endeavor to keep everything running smoothly for your business.  Due to the nature of IT however, there can be issues and if that results in down time for your business, it can be costly.  It's because of this fact that our IT support is available 24/7.

Flexibility & Scalability

Wide Bay IT Managed​

  • ​Provider Managed.

  • Proactive Consultation.

  • Managed Roadmap.



  • Customer Managed.

  • Reactive Consultation.

  • Uncontrolled Roadmap.


Wide Bay IT Managed

  • Known Budgeted Cost.​

  • Fixed Support Cost.

  • No hidden fees.


  • Uncontrolled Budgeted Costs.

  • Uncontrolled Support Costs.

  • Hidden/Unknown fees.

Control & Efficiency

Wide Bay IT Managed​

  • Proactive Service.

  • Managed updates, patching & roll outs.

  • Controlled & tested disaster recovery plans.



  • Reactive service.

  • Reactive updates, patching & roll outs

  • Uncontrolled & unknown disaster recovery plans.

It pays to be prepared

If you're based in Queensland, Australia then you certainly know how extreme the weather conditions can be.  What would happen to your business if a cyclone hit and your PC's were destroyed from the water?  Or your on site server with data backups was damaged?  Every business has to prepare for the worst, and those that don't may never fully recover from the worst.  In the event of a disaster having a Business Disaster Recovery (BDR) plan in place will ensure continuity and minimal downtime.

Partnering with Widebay IT and our Managed ICT Solutions means not having to worry about your IT infrastructure.  Our team have disaster recovery in mind right from the start and our solutions are built from the ground up with the understanding of how important an ICT network can be and how unforgiving the state of Queensland can be.

Click the button below to download a BDR Checklist for your business so you can be better prepared

Our commitment to you

Widebay IT's free audit service is our way of expressing the value we have for our customers.  We are confident in our ability to provide your business with the best possible ICT solution because we actually care.  We wholeheartedly believe in our approach to offer the most outstanding customer service with our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are happy. 


It's with this idea in mind that we strongly suggest to all potential customers to take advantage of our obligation free business audit and have one of our highly trained professionals conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business, because we guarantee you'll be surprised with the outcome.  After all, it's free! What have you got to lose?

How much more productive could your company be with working office technology?

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Our Partner Leading Edge

The Leading Edge group is a sales channel focused on telecommunications & ICT sales and support.  Linking sales organisations to vendors, our partnership with the Leading Edge group gives us intimate access to a broad range of IT suppliers, allowing us to offer exclusive Tier one pricing in regional Queensland.

Leading Edge Computers

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Ne.Connect is many things, but ultimately, what are we here to achieve? It’s actually rather simple yet has powerful and long lasting effects.  Ne.Connect is a brand developed by Wide Bay IT to enable businesses to leverage technology to better themselves, leverage technology to increase productivity, efficiency which all leads to increased profitability.  We are currently experiencing another golden age of technology that if implemented correctly allows businesses of any size to compete not only against larger corporations but to stand head and shoulders above them and drive outcomes that never before thought to be achievable.