NBN - Telephone Number Disconnection

The purpose of this page is to inform you that businesses in the Bundaberg area who have not yet transferred their existing PSTN (telephone etc) services across after connection to the NBN or who have not yet connected to the NBN are having their numbers disconnected.

Once an area has completed the 'build' phase of the FTTN NBN, there is a time frame of approximately Eighteen (18) months to allow businesses to transition to the new technology.  On or shortly after this time if services have not been transitioned, your current provider will disconnect your numbers/PSTN connections.  All of bundaberg on the FTTN is currently passed the 18 month transition period therefore NBN are able to disconnect services at anytime, without warning. 

Click the finder.com.au logo and enter your business address to find out when your connection & disconnection date is.

To date, all customers that we have been engaged with who have had this happen to them, we have been able to successfully regain their numbers, but with disruption to their business due to no main phone number as this takes time to reactivate.  However, once a number is disconnected there is no guarantees of being able to regain it.  To prevent this happening to you, read below.

What can you do?

  1. Engage with an industry professional​

    • This will help you: to understand what services you currently have​

    • What steps you need to take to ensure business continuity

  2. Act immediately as all businesses do have to do this

  3. Make sure your telecommunications is on the NBN network, not just your computer network. 

We understand that you may not be able to perform these steps, this is something that Wide Bay IT can assist you with.  We acknowledge that for us to be of assistance our services and solutions would form part of our assistance.  We also acknowledge that you may already have a preferred supplier that you would prefer to do business with, so we have also included a checklist to assist you in your discussions with your preferred supplier.

Are you NBN ready?

  • Have you made a list of all your devices and services that use the existing landline telecommunications network?

  • There may be other devices that use the network besides your landline phone or internet service.  Review the list as you will need to move these services to the NBN if you want to keep them working

  • Have you checked if you will need multiple sockets by reading our additional cabling information?

  • Have you registered your fire alarm or lift phone on 1800 687 626 and contacted your device provider about moving these services to the nbn? It's vital that you register so NBN can assist in the move and ensure the continuity of your service.

  • Do you have a monitored security alarm?  Contact your provider and confirm the compatibility of your alarm with services provided over the NBN.

  • Have you contacted your bank if you have EFTPOS/ATM terminals? You should confirm compatibility of your terminal with services provided over the NBN.

  • Do you own a property within a shared premises? Building owners should register with NBN to streamline the service provisioning.

  • Do you lease your property? Read NBN's tenants guide and contact your landlord and agree on the best location for the NBN equipment inside your property.

  • Do you have a medical alarm? We suggest that you contact your alarm provider.  Its vital that you register so we can assist in the move to the NBN and help ensure continuity of your service.

  • Have you been notified by NBN when your address can be connected to the National Broadband Network?

To make the transition as smooth as possible please book a free appointment with our team below, and we'll send someone out to assist with your businesses specific needs